Web-based Translation Workshop

We offer on-going online training/revision workshops for translation and interpreting professionals and students who want to improve the quality of their written translations. Highly qualified and certified translators/instructors will edit, make style recommendations and provide translation feedback on the students’ work.

Comments made will be reserved to translation, research, and style errors or areas of improvement. Low to intermediate level errors will be marked but not commented.

Translation Worshop Format

Translation workshops can either run as a complete course or on a one-time basis, to accomodate students’ needs. One-time workshops are available at the student’s request.

Course Description

The texts assigned are 500 words in length. They are from the following areas of knowledge: Business and Law, Science and Medicine, and General. Students can either select translations from a single subject-matter or they can elect to do one from each one of them.

The Workshop duration is three months, one month per translation. Each month the student will have two weeks to translate the assigned text, which will be returned to the student within two weeks.


Global Tradu Web-based Workshops


Web-based Translation Schedule Sample:

Week 1 – Text 1 sent to translator.

Week 3 – Text 1 submitted to GlobalTradu for review.

Week 4 – Text 1 returned to translator. Text 2 sent to translator.

Week 6 – Text 2 submitted to GlobalTradu for review.

Week 7 – Text 2 returned to translator. Text 3 sent to translator.

Week 9 – Text 3 submitted to GlobalTradu for review.

Week 10 – Text 3 returned to translator.

Price $290

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